In His Time of Dying

… ”I’m on the periphery of a lot of despair, of course,” he said. ”You’d have to be stupid not to be. I have my moments when I’m not too thrilled about this whole deal. But at the same time, the songs have never come like this, so I’d have to feel more gratitude than anything else. I’m probably in the intensest creative period of my life.”

Zevon and his longtime bassist and collaborator, Jorge Calderon, have been writing whenever ideas strike them — including, Zevon says, via cellphone conversations ”from the aisle of the health-food store. I have to move fast, because I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Read the rest over at the NYTimes. via Code the Web Socket (not a bad name – heh).

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  1. I tell ya, if there was money to be made by ripping off band names ripped off from comedy routines to name web sites, I’d be rolling in cheese steaks, baby. 😉

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