For Job Hunters, Stability Is the Thing

…Employees are staying at their jobs much longer, not necessarily because they want to, but because they feel they have to, according to interviews with employees, human resource managers and employment experts. The number one concern among employees today is job security — not stock options, not career growth.

…Employees accustomed to job-hopping are in danger of falling into a boredom trap — or of simply feeling trapped, even if they are with a job and career they like. That there are not messages from recruiters on their voice mail means those options, and the excitement of new possibilities, aren’t out there. That has been a painful change, even for those who might not want another job. Those feelings can translate into low morale and low productivity, companies have found.

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Recently, a co-worker and friend found a new job after a nine month search. Unlike many job seekers out there he is currently employed. He needed to find a new employeer since he recently moved two hours away from us. With skill, experience and references beyond my own – he still had a difficult time.

2 thoughts on “For Job Hunters, Stability Is the Thing

  1. Yep, the recruiters just aren’t lighting up the voicemail like they used to. I’ve been at my employer for seven years now. *Seven*. That’s longer than I’ve been associated with anything.

  2. I am somehow still temping on an assignment that was supposed to end in mid-December. I’m not letting that keep me sidetracked in my search for a more permanent position, however.

    BTW, I’ve linked to this post on my ‘Get That Job!’ blog.

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