I’m enjoying the controversy around the latest Microsoft advertisement

I didn’t think an ad could generate controversy in this day and age, but Microsoft happened to do so with its best attempt yet at contrasting itself with Apple. Even though I run a MacBook Pro these days as my work machine, I know I could be just as productive with a decent laptop running Linux, Open Solaris, or Windows. Just about everything I run is open source an is available across all three operating systems.

2 responses

  1. I’ve used Macs and PCs, and aside from minor annoyances, there’s been no difference between the two that justifies the added expense of being a Mac to me. Perhaps if they (Apple) were doing something significantly better in the way of compensating their manufacturing workforce?

  2. I use both, have a macbook pro and a lenovo t60. I dowork with second life and second life runs like dogcrap on the mac. The mac will freeze up for no apparent reason. It takes a good 15 seconds to open a web page (my guess is how safari and firefox “pre-load” graphics). For the extra $2000 over cost of a lenovo, you can keep your Macintrash.

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