11 thoughts on “Please help me test a CSS menu

  1. Works great in the IE embedded in SharpReader component. But I am very unhappy to see the delicious links instead of RawSugar! Dude that is so uncool. LOL but seriously, you should switch.

  2. Works well for me on Windows/ Firefox 1.0.7 (old version). Also works well on IE 6.0.2 on the same computer . . .

    Glad you told us not to sweat the colors, because I was about to comment on them.

  3. Bill, sry bout that :) I must play some more man.

    And thank you both for kicking the tires. The menu doesnt work at all in Safari – which is a stinker.

  4. Karl, you know we have (a) import and syn for delicious accounts and (b) import and sync for WordPress and MovableType blogs. More importantly, we have much better search, which is the benefit to you for not much effort. But I don’t want to, er, beg… ;)

  5. I saw Bill :) The idea of me posting here and it getting copied there – without any additional effort on my part – is what I’ve been advocating of other services.

  6. I did see your postings to RS this afternoon, nice start. Email me if I can help, especially in organizing the tags into hierarchy or with the generated javascript for your site.

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