Some Father’s Day thoughts

I really don’t think of Father’s Day as most do. Knowing me you’d understand why. I think of it as a day for thanks giving. For those with child and without, who try and leave in a better state what they’ve came to. For those who take responsibility as a blessing and not as a weight. For those willing to mentor and friend those who need it. Guys like that exist. I didn’t think so as a kid. But in adulthood I found out otherwise and have great examples in my life and my daughter’s. And it is truly fantastic.

I am so thankful to be part of the family I am part of. Love you all and have a great day everyone.

(Note, this was originally posted to Facebook and to my friends and family there, apologies for the double post. On my blog I own my words. I should have posted from here first.)

2 thoughts on “Some Father’s Day thoughts

  1. Karl, you are Emma’s favorite playmate and partner in crime. You are everything she needs and more. You are a wonderful Father. I love you. Emma and Xena love you. Hope you had a Happy Father’s Day!

  2. Hi 🙂

    Thank you and I love you three sooo much. I am a very, very, very lucky man. Luckiest in the world. I hope I show it enough.

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