“Perfect”, by Pink is a kind of cousin to Radiohead’s “Creep”. I’m sure I lost a few folks there who suddenly clicked away. Good, this post isn’t for them. “Creep” is one of those songs that, if you ever felt like an outsider, like you were not where you belonged, and the people around you seemed so much greater than you, and that feeling led to your own self loathing, it spoke to you. Catch this great cover of it:

YouTube: Homeless Mustard Sings “Creep” GREATEST Cover EVER:

Pink’s “Perfect” confronts the very same scenario, except instead of the passive-aggressive shrug that “Creep” leaves you with, kicks you in your ass to “chase out your demons” and stick around. Where “Creep” is sung from you, “Perfect” is sung to you from someone who has walked in similar shoes.

I love “Creep”, the song will be around forever. But I think “Perfect” will stand the same test of time right along with it. Songs for the bullied. For those who never quite feel like the fit in. For those that need to know they aren’t alone.

Here are some fantastic covers of “Perfect”:

YouTube: PERFECT – Pink (Cover) by Keiko and Mimi acoustic:

YouTube: Pink – Perfect (Boyce Avenue acoustic cover) on iTunes:

YouTube: Pink – Perfect (AHMIR cover) – Anti-Bullying video:

YouTube: Pink – Perfect (cover) Brothers Dalton,12 and Dylan,11:

YouTube: Perfect (Pink) – Jason Chen & Cathy Nguyen Cover:

YouTube: Perfect by Pink Cover by Megan Dettrey :