Unemployed? Don’t Apply Here

Imagine you are unemployed and are applying for a new job at a company you are qualified for, and want to work for, and being notified that your application will not be accepted, because you are already unemployed.

This is what some job hunters are facing in this increasingly look-the-other-way unemployment situation according to Laura Bassett in The Huffington Post: “Disturbing Job Ads: The Unemployed Will Not Be Considered”. There is a good thread at “Hacker News” as to why this makes no sense, getting beyond the ethical and moral concerns of it.

One thought on “Unemployed? Don’t Apply Here

  1. “NO UNEMPLOYED CANDIDATES WILL BE CONSIDERED AT ALL.” When asked about the ad, a spokeswoman said, “This was a mistake, and once it was noticed it was removed.”


    Right, the mistake was is that the Recruiter was supposed to filter out people this way but NOT put that note into the job posting online; allowing the ones searching for positions to know about it.

    This isn’t new. I experienced this after losing a long standing position I had a few years ago. I’d sent out hundreds of resumes and received a trickle of calls and interviews as a result. I could tell something was wrong. It goes well beyond noticing a typo in someone resume, or a gap in employment, or areas in a persons skills that could be considered weak. This practice is discriminatory in nature and Georgia’s Attorney General should look into the Recruiter and the Employer for violating existing Labor laws.

    But that probably won’t happen. The people that are hurt by this are too poor and unemployed to go hire a decent lawyer anyway. So the game continues on.

    In a perfect world a person should considered based on their experience and work ethics not on a set of criteria which they aren’t privileged enough to know and can’t adjust to certain slanted rules.

    But that isn’t the world we live in anymore. It’s a place for corporate greed where they do whatever they please without repercussions.

    But on a positive note, it tells people what kind of company Sony Ericsson is. Would you really want to work for someone that discriminates in such a way?

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