Some light reading (and research) on non-functional requirements in Agile/Scrum

Agile Modeling: Introduction to User Stories

Mike Cohn’s Blog: Non-functional Requirements as User Stories

aqris: Representing non-functional requirements with user stories

wikiwiki: Non Functional Requirements

Agile Coaching: Non-Functional Requirements: are user stories useful?

Artima: Johan Peeters: Dreams and Nightmares

Representing non-functional requirements is tricky. There are two kinds of non-functional requirement as mentioned in the aquis piece: independent, and distributed. When faced with a distributed non-functional requirement, adding it to your ‘definition of done‘ is called for. As you can tell by the links, there seems to be some difference in opinion in handling ‘independent’ non-functional requirements.

If you have pointers, please share in my comments. And thanks for the input in advance.