Songwriting and music by Dan Gillmor

During Dan Gillmor’s stint as guest blogger at boing boing he posted some fine pieces on his subject matter of focus – journalism and its future – but one post should have reached a wider audience “When It All Falls Apart”. It’s a song. A song of the apocalypse. With some good lyrics and melody. Turns out Dan used to play in a band a long time ago. It’s a strangely timely song. Check out the discussion thread which was just terrific to follow.

Here are some random songs about the end of the world, any that you know come immediately to mind?

“End of the World as We Know It”, R.E.M.
“1999”, Prince
“The Four Horsemen” , Metallica
“Blackened”, Metallica
“The End”, The Doors
“War Pigs”, Black Sabbath
“Children of the Grave”, Black Sabbath