Had a good time at the meetup yesterday

Rob from Phillies Nation, Marc from PhillyFanSportsTalk, and my friend, Howard, who shares his poetry at non-breaking space, got together yesterday at The Grey Lodge Pub in Northeast Philly. We had a great chat on matters relating to sports blogging, the economy, what’s happening the the Inquirer, Daily News and the news industry, and politics. We probably could have kept it going for more than the two hours we spent in fact. But 2 hours in the afternoon, as the crowds were streaming into Frankford for yesterday’s events, was just right. I’m looking forward to the next meetup.

2 thoughts on “Had a good time at the meetup yesterday

  1. Sorry I couldn’t stay but I needed sleep ASAP. I was back at the Lodge in the MGMT Bunker just a few hours later much refreshed. Looking forward to actually hanging out with everyone during a less crazy week.

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by the table 🙂 Dude – you have a lot on your plate these few weeks – and St. Patrick’s day is coming up too!

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