The safety net is no longer

Inquirer: What about the safety net? ‘A lot of people are falling through.’

As unemployment is failing, Welfare rolls grow for first time since the 90s.

Horrible case in point, reported in the LATimes, is the story of the Himmel family – now living in a SUV – their daughter, Destiny, 16, was diagnosed with leukemia.

2 thoughts on “The safety net is no longer

  1. I thought I might end up one of those who fell through after I lost my job in mid-November and hadn’t received any unemployment compensation for six weeks, despite having filed my application immediately. Thankfully PA managed to direct-deposit funds on Christmas Eve, and I had some savings to fall back on until then.

  2. I’m happy the unemployment checks have started for you. Keeping you in my thoughts man. You know your tech and would be a great asset wherever you land.

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