A stimulus plan that sounds worthy of real discussion

David Sassoon: Transition Team Weighing Blockbuster Housing and Stimulus Proposal:

The automobile industry was revolutionized with the invention of the hybrid engine that could capture and store energy that would otherwise go up in smoke. Now, there’s a counterpart invention for the housing market that extracts the energy wasted by buildings, and uses it to power economic recovery.

It takes the form of a plan that promises to save consumers $142.33 billion to $200.88 billion in energy costs and mortgage payments over a five-year period, significantly reducing the risk of mortgage failure while increasing disposable income and creating millions of new jobs.

The plan of action is now in the hands of the Obama transition team and could rewrite the book on how the stimulus package gets put together. It’s called the 2030 Challenge Stimulus Plan and it was authored by Ed Mazria and his team at Architecture 2030.

via Doc Searls