7 thoughts on “2000: Long lines FL and OH, 2004: long lines OH, 2008: long lines every contested state?

  1. Wow, Karl, I’m surprised with all the information on the web about what Obama is really about you’re actually supporting him.

    Not that Mccain is an incredible improvement over the last 8 years, but at least he’s not a socialist.

    To each their own I guess. Btw, you might want to add what the black panthers are doing at polling stations in Philly to your youtube list of videos.

    Here’s a link…


    Go luck!!!


    – Neo

  2. He’s not a socialist – it is the incorrect information on the Web that has mis-directed you.

    No offense – but you can’t trust the Web for information in this election – both sides are slinging mis-information. Read Obama’s books – check out what he has voted for in the past. Look at the big – very big time capitalists that have endorsed him.

    Warren Buffet DEFINES capitalism man.

    BTW – that video – well there’s something weird about that video. A few things really.

    I’m surprised you buy either of these things.


  3. I hear that a lot when people disagree with information that doesn’t fit their frames.

    This election was conceded tonight with Ohio at less than 2%, Florida at less than 2%, California with only 16% of the vote counted, and a bunch of votes that haven’t been counted yet.

    Should be interesting to see what the final totals are tomorrow if they are even published.

    Be careful what you wish for….

    God help America…

  4. It’s called confirmation bias – and you’re displaying it textbook.

    In any case, we agree that this is where it get interesting.

  5. I love how people bought into the idea Obama is a socialist as soon as the republican spin doctors threw the word out there. Most people claiming they do not like Obama quickly embraced the idea he is a socialist, without even knowing what the word means.

    Socialism is defined as broad set of economic theories of social organization advocating state or collective ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods, and the creation of an egalitarian society.

    Obama has never once endorsed the federal or any state office collectively owning anything. “Spreading the wealth” is weak at best in even coming close to socialism. But if we want to aruge definition and even pratice of what some may define as socialism (i.e. state controlled) then lets. Who is for public libraries? I am. I must be a socialist. Who is for public parks? I am. I must be a socialist. Who is for public water and utilities? I am. I must be a socialist. Who is for public education? I am. Must be a socialist. Who is for a public police force and a public military? I sure am. Must be a socialist. And the list goes on. So before you latch onto these ridiculous claims Obama is a socialist, as Karl said – think.

    The reality is, and I know many of my friends in Philly think it, is quite simply – they don’t want a black man as president. Period. One thing I learned when I moved away from the “inner city element” is that generally, most people are decent and hard working. I can tell you this – there are far more black folks down in NC I would AND do live with that I would not trade up for the world for any of the white scumbags in bridesburg or fishtown.

    Good thing about this election was, I think America is growing up. I think the Archie Bunker era that was passed down from the baby boomers to the genX’ers is quaint and most thinking people have let go of that type of thinking.

    So why did I vote for Obama? Because when I hear him speak, when I study his words, I sense someone with good judegment to surround himself with people of merit to counsel him and guide him to make good decisions. Biden was a terrific choice for VP. He is an excellent foreign policy advisor and well respected in the international community. Rahm Emmanual was another great choie for Cheif-of-Staff. While brash and hard-nosed, his job is to ensure the white house is run in a deligent manner. He will keep staffers in line and business operating smoothly. So far, Obama is making good decisions and hopefully the quaint thinkers that a “black man can’t be president” will see this for themselves.

  6. Well said Steve. I’ve been telling people that Obama is far more, for lack of a better word, conservative, then many think. A vote for Hillary would have been a vote for liberalism as it exists in today’s Democratic party.

    Obama was – in a real sense – the third party candidate.

  7. Even if Obama is liberal, he understands he will not be able to push an liberal agenda past a moderate democratic caucus. Dems who won in 2006 and this year in traditionally red states did not do so because they are liberal by any stretch of the imagination. Peopl are too focused on the Nancy Peliosi’s which are a minority in this new type of Dem party. Again, Obama knows this and knows he needs to not only reach across the aisle, he needs to work within his on party and, dare I say it, make compromises, should he want to get anything acomplished. And I see hinm doing just that. I did not see Mccain doing it sure as hell didn’t see Clinton doing it either. Hillary is nohting like nor ever will be like Bill.

    I think the first year will be proof enough when we see the impacts of what Obama will get done.

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