Some ummm… presidential links for today

In software engineering we have a concept called ‘Duck Typing’. Basically, some languages trust developers more so than others (lets say Python versus Java), and you can trust that if an object ‘walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck’.

You end up writing far less code due to the trust you have that things are what they appear to be.

In this year’s Presidential campaign, you have a candidate that looks like a normal Joe, walks like a normal Joe, and talks like a normal Joe, but whose income is anything but.

Can you guess who? Warren Buffet explains the credit crisis to Charlie Rose

FREE FOR ALL! the movie – watch it online. Roger Ebert’s review.

Andrew Sullivan: Confronting Racism Against Obama (Powerful video)

NYTimes: Tom Davis Gives Up

YouTube: SNL VP Debate (via akkamsrazor) 5 Friends Uncensored – Don’t Vote Bob Dylan: A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall