The World Series Rainout and Philadelphia

Jeff Passan at Yahoo! Sports says Baseball’s crown event is beyond repair due to the handling of the game in face of the weather.

Phil Sheridan at the Inquirer, in a much linked to piece, says it’s the league’s pursuit of television ratings that’s to blame.

Jayson Stark at ESPN says that now, no matter what the story of this World Series will be about the weather.

Maybe all this is true.

What isn’t however, is Michael Radano’s characterization of Philadelphia, in light of this, as the angriest place on Earth. I’m so tired of the stereotypes branded about of Philly sports fans and Philadelphia. Anger relies on being surprised by something that you don’t expect. Most folks I know looked at what happened and simply said “only in Philadelphia”. Everyone I know is looking forward to the game. Not angry. Anxious about yet another letdown. But that’s it. I think most just simply stand behind the team and believe.

Go Phillies!

One thought on “The World Series Rainout and Philadelphia

  1. OMG it’s so true. According to the national news media (especially the New York media) Philadelphia seems to be the only city that boos. What these outsiders (except maybe Cleveland fans) cannot fathom is the vast wasteland of years without a title. But through that time, we have had some of the most committed and knowledgeable fans of any city in the country.

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