McCain Campaign Manager: ‘This Election is Not About Issues’

That’s a real quote folks. Parse it carefully. Take it for what it is – a rare moment of revealing honesty.

Rick Davis, campaign manager for John McCain’s presidential bid, insisted that the presidential race will be decided more over personalities than issues during an interview with Post editors this morning.

“This election is not about issues,” said Davis. “This election is about a composite view of what people take away from these candidates.”

McCain choose Palin to reinforce the false idea that the GOP is the ‘regular people party’. (Is either party the ‘regular people party’ anymore?)

It’s human nature that drives us to choose leaders that remind us of ourselves in someway. Who we can relate to or hopefully relate to.

McCain is exploiting this, in the most craven, reckless way I have yet seen in my short life.

We need to stop looking at our leader’s personal lives to find things we can relate to or denounce and we need to cast light on our leaders policies and how they effect us.

But will that happen for this election? Will we rise to the challenge?

BTW – did ya know that Mayor Palin wanted to ban books (via that disagreed with her religious views?

Or that she slashed funding that helped teenage moms in need?

Or that she’s proud of her daughter’s decision to keep her baby? (Note that word – decision – shouldn’t everyone have that right?)

There is more than enough on the face of the issues to wage a good conversation over who is best to represent and lead the country.

2 thoughts on “McCain Campaign Manager: ‘This Election is Not About Issues’

  1. I’m more concerned about her husband’s membership in the Alaska Independence Party. The only time he quit was when she ran for office as a Republican.

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