5 thoughts on “New Emma Pictures

  1. Wow! She’s gotten big, but she’s still one of the cutest I’ve ever seen (and I’ve got 8 nieces and nephews, so there’s some competition there).

  2. Thanks you two 🙂

    Richelle is such a terrific mom (and wife), I can’t express how much joy Emma looks at life, and she has a hunger to learn just about anything.

    My singing, dancing, reading (well, pretend reading), counting (basic, up to 20, with basic addition), spelling (first letters!), uke, keyboard playing wonder 🙂 I need to get back to writing more about her, and for her.

    That’s a well loved Pooh bear btw.

  3. I thought Pooh looked to be her Security Item.

    She does look very happy. I’d say both you and Richelle have done a wonderful job as parents.

  4. He’s definitely a pal. Emma has lots of friends, but its Pooh is there when I read to her at night or when we go on trips or when she naps. Her imagination is so rich. She reads to Pooh while I read to her 🙂

    Emma’s into ‘classic’ Pooh btw. She loves the original Disney movies from the 60s.

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