Favorite Super heroes?

Empire has a feature sharing their choice for the Civil War crossover that took place in Marvel comics over 2006 and 2007. It’s weird, but back when I was a teen, there was no way I’d ever claim to be a fan of Captain America. But as an an adult, I recognize now that his character didn’t represent the blind patriotism I thought it did – far from it in fact.

Here is a related story at NPR.

Now some choices from Empire’s top 50

(But first note, no Superman, sorry Oliver. All powerful super heroes that aren’t the least bit flawed in some way, never really interested me all that much. The funny thing is Supes used to be the template for super-heroes in comics – now he’s the exception – which is making him more interesting to me now)

Spider Jerusalem

Iron Man


The Thing


John Constantine

Wonder Woman


Captain America

Dr. Doom