Welcome Back Shelley Powers

Shelley Powers is blogging about her latest book at Painting the Web, about all things society and tech at RealTech, on personal matters at Just Shelley, and about Missouri at MissouriGreen Her latest posts at MissouriGreen are covering the sandbagging efforts she has been taking part in and have been harrowing.

The news coverage of the weather and floods has been spotty at best. I’d like to urge folks to donate to the Red Cross (probably what Richelle and me will do this week) but I don’t know if that’s the best route to help for those of us so distant and disconnected.

4 thoughts on “Welcome Back Shelley Powers

  1. I just saw a news item on the Red Cross, detailing some of the financial woes they’re facing. Apparently donations are down, so I’m sure any financial reinforcements will be both welcome and needed.

  2. Thanks, Karl. It’s good to be welcomed back by friends.

    The Red Cross is broke. The flood threat still exists, and so does the hurricane season, and the Red Cross is still the only organization that provides emergency housing.

  3. Well it sounds like Richelle and I will be donating to the Red Cross asap.

    The recession must be hitting donations pretty hard.

  4. One of the problems with the Red Cross is that people earmark money to specific events, and then get into a snit if it’s used elsewhere in need.

    I don’t specifically earmark money to the Red Cross anymore. Either I trust the organization to use the money correctly, or I don’t give them money.

    Thanks for the donations! It’s going to be a tough year, and not having the RC could make it a lot tougher on folks.

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