Happy Birthday Emma!

It was a bit of a quandary Saturday. It was to be Emma’s birthday party, but last week she was suffering with a double ear infection (painful!!!!). Hoping against hope that she would be better in time for the party, and tricked by a great Friday evening, we were forced to call folks Saturday morning and cancel. Instead, we just had close family come by, that we both could continue to concentrate on her illness.

The irony was that Sunday, while Richelle went out to run some errands, Emma started to come out of it all the way and by the evening was herself again!

Today is Emma’s real birthday. Happy birthday Emma!

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Emma!

  1. I didn’t forget – it would be a long list of presents to list if I attempted it – it was wonderful 🙂

    She loved her car Cindy (still does – and it will be fun pushing her around the neighborhood in the Summer).

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