Looking forward to Christmas

It’s hard to write about looking forward to something like Christmas with joy when you know fellow friends and travelers are dealing with sorrow.

Shelley Powers last week summarized some of the tragedies that took place in the online community recently. Of particular note to me was the passing of Anita Rowland, who had been fighting cancer since 2003. Her husband put up a memorial post on his blog.

Jeneane Sessum: For Anita

GarretVreeland One of our own, Anita Rowland, has passed away

Bill Humphries: Anita Rowland

Frank Paynter: Last Dance: Anita Rowland, Rest in Peace

Frank Paynter’s interview with Anita Rowland in 2002: Settled in Seattle… the Anita Rowland Interview

Anita’s family is in my thoughts and prayers.

This will be a Christmas that will best be described as bittersweet for me. Such tremendous ups and downs.

With so much churn in my life, I know I am blessed to look at Emma and be filled with hope.

She is a true blue toddler now. She can communicate very clear what she wants, what she loves, and what she doesn’t care for all that much. That means that Christmas day will be something to behold.

Her Momom will be with her. Laughing, joking, and singing all the way.

As Anita will be with her loved ones.

3 thoughts on “Looking forward to Christmas

  1. Yeah, dude, the first one is always the hardest. If you remember, my pop died a month before Christmas and it was if my family was afraid to celebrate that year. All you had to do was look at the younglings – they didn’t know anything other than this is the greatest day of the year. You have a front-row seat at the purest, greatest sensation on earth – watching your daughter open presents on Christmas Day. How cool is that???

    Hope I get to see you guys soon,


  2. You are absolutely right.

    I have off next week. The timing seems good for stopping by Wednesday or Thursday. My mobility is a bit limited right now, but having you two over for dinner one night would be great dude.

  3. That sounds awesome – I’ll talk to the Mrs.

    BTW, I rec’d your Christmas card today, I can’t wait to meet Emma! I’ve seen her grow up on my refrigerator! So cute – thank God she doesn’t look like you! :p~

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