It’s Cancer

On Friday the results of Mom’s second biopsy came back and confirmed the worst – that Mom had lung cancer – specifically, small cell lung cancer – a particularly nasty form of cancer that spreads unpredictably and fast.

They immediately scheduled a deep body scan to see how far it has spread while Mom agreed to undergo Chemotherapy which started on Saturday, just in case there was a chance to get ahead of this thing.

I should be hearing from her oncologist today about the results of the deep body scan. Mom told me the results were good on Sunday, that the cancer has not spread past her left lung. But what that actually means I don’t know until I speak with him.

Mom is in this place mentally that is hard to comprehend – she’s both clear headed and serene. In her own words she’s “ready to fight, because I have to – but if God is ready to take me – I’m am ready to go”. And I believe her.

Maybe she just isn’t facing the reality of this so far.

Maybe she’s just ready to die.

Or maybe her belief in what-will-be-will-be is stronger than I had ever imagined.

I hope I’ve picked some of that up from her. My core belief that you have no control of the hand you are dealt – and that it’s best not to to get caught up in the contents of that hand – how fair the cards are – or how often you’ve been given a set of cards that have low odds of success – because you do have control over how you play your hand. It’s how you play your hand, no matter how good or bad, that counts.

At least that’s what I tell myself when times are good.

Right now I don’t feel that way at all.

And I’m afraid that she might be playing ‘strong’ for me and Dante’s benefit.

Yesterday I told her that if she is, she should stop. That we can handle this together. She swore she wasn’t. I tried to discern the truth, but her eyes have such a child like innocence about them (an innocence that makes NO SENSE in the face of what she’s seen in her life) that I couldn’t.

Following the deep body scan results and talk with the oncologist will come difficult discussions.

7 thoughts on “It’s Cancer

  1. Thanks you two.

    Good news tonight – the scan came back and it looks like her cancer has not spread from her left lung. That it hasn’t spread means this is treatable and that there is a good chance she can beat this.

  2. Your new news is extremely good to hear. I’m hoping for the best for your Mom, Karl. My Mom beat stage 3 colon cancer two years ago–tell your mom, being ornery helps.

  3. I had a late friend who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and lung cancer at the same time. Ovarian cancer doesn’t have much of a survival rate, but she lived 7 years past diagnosis with both and died of the ovarian cancer. Not having spread is huge. My father had a very aggressive form (by the Gleason score rating) of prostate cancer but it had not spread and focal radiation got rid of it completely. He is close to the 5 year mark now at 80.

    All just to say there is definitely hope.

    Just to say there is definitely hope.

  4. just letting you know, you and your family are in our thoughts down here in carolina, karl.


  5. Karl,

    I’m sorry to hear of your mom’s diagnosis. My dad was diagnosed with the same thing earlier this week.

    Sounds like your mom’s was caught pretty early – which is very unusual. My dad’s was caught fairly early.

    My prayers are with you and your mom.

    Mike in Alabama

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