Good book: “RESTful Web Services”

Labnotes: “RESTful Web Services: the book you already decided to read”:

If you think the idea of using services as building blocks for your software is the best thing since 30″ displays and free schwag, then you already know this book exists. You also know that SOA is some serious stuff best left for trade magazines looking to sell more ads. Out there in the real world, we can’t get anything done without our power tools. And you heard of the one called REST, they say it’s the best brand around. So anyway, you already decided to read this book, now you just need to make it happen.

Here’s a link to buy the book from O’Reilly or click here to buy it from Amazon and help Labnotes (a terrific blog in its own right).

Honestly, this book reinforces long held beliefs of mine about Web development, while giving me a useful vocabulary and set of examples to use in discussion.

That means it’s invaluable 🙂

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