Have you read ‘the dip’?

I’m in the process of writing a piece on Philly Future, about it’s future, titled, “Philly Future, is it in ‘the dip’ or in a cul-de-sac?”. If you’ve read Seth Godin’s “the dip” you would immediately get the reference.

The thing is, every time I start to write it, I can’t help but feel demoralized.

Depressed. Run down. Beaten up.

If I think about how things are at PF right now, it is full of unexplored and sometimes broken promise. It’s taken all the free time I’ve had just to keep it running.

It doesn’t meet my personal standards for what I expect a great service to be. And I’m never satisfied simply running in place. So things there need to change.

With my day job being as full tilt as it has become (in a good way, my team is building something to be proud of, I hope to share more sometime), with my body as wracked with pain as it has been on and off, I’ve felt stretched for time as I haven’t since I was maybe ten years ago, when I still working at Sears, putting all else aside so that I could learn software engineering.

Shoot – the pain is so frustrating that I haven’t played my guitar longer than five minutes the last six months. I’m good at managing it. I’m functional. And I’ve improved quite a bit since I earned the herniated disk. And for that I am thankful. I’m not forced into surgery they way some are.

But sometimes I find myself spinning.

The great thing – the unbelievable thing – is that I’ve learned that it’s easy to get centered again.

Sometimes it’s simply hearing a friend’s or my brother’s voice on the phone. Sometimes, all I need to do is turn to my wife, my daughter, and even my dog on the couch and smile at my blessings as my heart fills.

As long as I have that – I have everything in the world 🙂

4 thoughts on “Have you read ‘the dip’?

  1. Dude,

    You have done more than your fair share for the people out there. You have been through hell and back again. Time to be selfish and do what you want to do. I don’t know many people as driven as you and at the same time, you have seen things that most of us only read about. Time to get some songs out there and express your inner core. You and your readers need a new “Kensinton”. I’m always here to help with that. As long as these sites exist, people can read about what you think, but your songs let people in to a much deeper place. Yeah, we are vulnerable when we open up, but that is who we are. We are musicians. PERIOD. You, me, Dante – we need to let it out to be truly understood. Otherwise, no one really knows who we are and they imply whatever “culture” tells them to think.

  2. Hey Cash, thanks man.

    I certainly have some lyrics in my head these days. I need to pick up my pen and paper more often.

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