Movable Type 4.0 Is Going to Rock

Movable Type 4.0 Beta Launches, Platform To Be Open Sourced

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I’m excited to see the participatory media functionality being added to MT. A while back I wrote a piece that was a little controversial – “ is going to die, so is Digg, so is Flickr”. I believe that personal blogging solutions will evolve to enable us to host our own social networks (they do already in a sense). PC computing history leans towards personal empowerment.

I’ve tried more blogging solutions then almost anyone. Folks tend to break things down into false choices, thinking that a marketplace can only sustain one ore two options, when over the past few years, I think it’s been obvious that in the blogging ecosphere not only can two or more options co-exist – they can thrive.

While I’ve used WordPress and Drupal on other projects, I’ve kept Movable Type as my personal blogging solution, and it has been my recommendation to use it in various projects of differing scope. It’s always come through for me.

No solution is perfect. Don’t believe the hype. These are just tools to keep in your toolbox. Loyalty to a hammer over a screwdriver makes no sense.

This is a good day for blogging. And a good day for freelancers and corporate developers everywhere that require a reliable, flexible, content management solution.

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