Kay Miller: “I had low self esteem, thinking I couldn’t achieve anything.”

Kay Miller is one of the first five Philadelphia recipients of free laptops provided by Impact Services Corp in their welfare to work program. Impact Services provided me the tutoring I needed to get my G.E.D., and I am forever thankful for the time I spent with them.

Laptops and low cost Wi-fi can make a difference in the lives of the working poor. The Web provides access to information and resources that are not easy to find otherwise – especially with the crush of time you suffer when working multiple jobs and possibly having to take care of a family simultaneously.

While there is far too much digital utopianism sprouted by some, it’s important to remember just how empowering the Web can be.

I say this from direct, measurable, personal experience.

Wi-fi Philly’s laptop leap – 5 get free computers, giving breath to city’s wireless dream:

Five welfare-to-work women in West Kensington just became the first city residents to earn free laptops and Internet service from Wireless Philadelphia, the mission of which is to connect low-income workers to the Web so they can get better jobs and provide better lives for their families.

The five women represent the tiny start of Wireless Philadelphia’s citywide dream.

…Gathered at Impact Services Corp., the welfare-to-work agency on Allegheny Avenue near 19th Street where they earned their wireless bundles by holding a steady job for a year, the five women are the first to receive a high-tech makeover that Wireless Philadelphia hopes to give to 500 low-income workers by year’s end, thousands in years to come.

“Access to information is access to opportunity,” said CEO Greg H. Goldman while Chief Operations Officer Agnes Ogletree’s eyes welled up at finally seeing three years of plans realized.

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