Congratulations to Will Bunch whose book, “The News Fix: Ink-stained Wretches and Digital Rabble Rousers Reviving American Media” is available for pre-order at Will Bunch, one of the terrific columnists at the Philadelphia Daily News, coined the term and kicked off the norgs conversation, when just under two years ago he broached the idea on his blog and courageously, openly, talked of re-inventing the news organization business.

Congratulations to the Winners of the Knight News Challenge who have been awarded grants to innovate in community news.

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Center for Citizen Media: Citizen Media and the Law a New Project

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Publishing 2.0: Knight Foundation Funds Innovation In Online Journalism And Civic-Minded Digital Media News Challenge winners

I almost applied for the grant for Philly Future, however, it just didn’t feel like the right time for Philly Future, or for myself. Maybe next year.

Speaking of myself, congratulations to, ummm… me, for joining the Placeblogger advisory board. Philly Future is a placeblog. It’s a place blog of placeblogs 🙂 And if PF can help, I hope, me and we, can be of some service.