Encouraging blogging at Comcast Interactive Media

A few of you know me solely from this blog, others from my time at Knight Ridder/Philly.com, others for the conversation I’m helping spawn between technologists, bloggers, and newspaper industry in the Philadelphia region, and many, many others for my hosting of the Philly Future – Philadelphia’s blogging community. You might consider me a blog evangelist in the Philadelphia region, however, to the folks who announce “Philly’s blog-father is here” when I make it to Philly region blog meetups (which I haven’t in ages – but plan on making a comeback to) – ummm… that’s nice but it makes me want to run for the hills.

I rarely talk about my employer – Comcast – here on paradox1x.org. Shoot – I rarely talk about it at all. I don’t speak for the company and there are better avenues to get customer service then a blog.

However, I *am* qualified to share why I like working for Comcast, and to share a little about what I do (I’m a software engineer, more on that in later posts). Maybe by doing this, just maybe, some of the artificial walls between us may come down, and maybe you’d even want to join the company.

Over the past few months, behind the scenes at work, I’ve been encouraging teammates to join me by mentioning on their blogs Comcast and CIM.

Today, I’d like to point you towards two of them, Flash gurus both – Gabo, our User Experience Lead at gabocorp.com and Arpit Mathur at code zen. One of the interesting personal projects they are working on is wiring up a Flash UI to WordPress with XML-PRC – and that’s just for fun 🙂 Check out Arpit’s review of his last two years at Comcast.net.