Mom successfully weaned from intubation tube

At around 6:30 tonight they removed the tube and mom was breathing regularly under her own strength. It was scary along the way, with fears growing that it wouldn’t be possible.

I’ve been at the hospital the past few days, leaving Richelle alone to take care of Emma, who has a cold (snot everywhere!) which I’ve caught. So none of us have been sleeping well.

It was great to hear my mom’s gravely voice say to me, “see you tomorrow”, with a smile and a happy tear in her eye, when it was time for me to head home.

3 thoughts on “Mom successfully weaned from intubation tube

  1. Karl – Good to hear that. I know how scary it is when they have people on the breathing tube. My mom went through a similar problem 2x’s a few years back. It is touch and go and a very hard thing to deal with. You realize that in the blink of an eye they could be gone. I know your mom has had some health problems over the years, and sometimes it seems like you can’t catch a break. But she’s a strong woman. She’ll come out of this just fine.

    Prayers & Hugs,

    – Neo

  2. Karl, sorry to hear about your mom’s illness, but glad to hear about the progress.

    With regard to catching colds from your kids… I used to get everything my kids got, and they got everything from day care.

    It may be the placebo effect, but I started taking vitamins, specifically vitamin C and zinc, and I stopped getting every sniffle, sore throat and cough that they did. These days, I think a good multivitamin should provide enough to keep your immune system running well enough to shed those viruses before you become symptomatic.

    Just a thought. I’m not a doctor, and, as you know, I make all this shit up.

    Best wishes to you and your family for speedy recoveries for all concerned.

  3. Thanks. Sorry for not replying. This week has been a long one.

    Mom is doing okay, not back home yet, but better.

    Oh, and I’m taking Centrum 🙂

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