2 thoughts on “Sometimes it sucks being an Eagles fan

  1. Two plays lost that game. (aside from the turnovers)

    You kick the field goal before the half and take the 3 points. Next up is the 30 yards on the stupid mcdougle penalty. Then somehow tampon bay’s kicker hits the lottery to become the 3rd guy in NFL history to kick a 60+ yard field goal.

    I should have thrown my TV out the window after that loss but I didn’t. Hey, at least they aren’t in our division.

    This season isn’t over yet, and I bleed green. We’ll pull out of this funk soon. Plenty of football let to play.

    Don’t lose faith….


    – Neo

  2. Well at least we have hockey – uh oops – um base- no basketball – damn, thank god for beer!

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