You just know it’s bad when they censor little old me

The folks at ABC are screening comments and mine looks to not appear on their “Path to 9/11” blog. I assure you I posted nothing offensive. It was a pointed question. I guess too pointed. Later I might be able to dig up the comment and post it here.

The more I’ve read about this “docudrama” the more concern I’ve felt. While it looks like the findings of the 9/11 Commission need to get out further, as the movie’s producers claim this to do, they also admit it is a work of fiction. A work of fiction that lays blame, scorn, and according to those who have written the commision report and were actors in the events, falsehoods, on the Clinton Administration.

There is a good thread on Metafilter. Editor & Publisher has a summary of the film here. And the Washington Post reports here. And lastly, a petition over at Think Progress.