In 6th grade, I was Rod Serling

My 6th grade teacher, Mr. Crell, had a yearly tradition where he’d produce a video, by his students, for the entire school. A play or short story would be chosen that his class would act out and he would direct. My class got the educational experience of putting together a production of a Twilight Zone episode titled “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street”.

After watching the original, we had a discussion over some of its themes, how they might apply in our lives, and they reflected on our country’s history. The take away was that fear and paranoia were dangerous, and could be used to manipulate us. I had the honor of playing Rod Serling. Honestly, I probably got the part because I didn’t want to be on camera all that much, and I spoke very clear and deliberate back then, in an effort to overcome a speech impediment.

Like Pax it was a small pleasure hearing it referenced in one of Keith Olbermann’s commentaries last week. This one, particularly impassioned, having to do with 9/11’s fifth anniversary. It fit well. Sadly.

If you haven’t watched yet, well just take a few minutes.

2 thoughts on “In 6th grade, I was Rod Serling

  1. Karl,
    I’ll bet you made a great Serling (did you raise your eyebrow while speaking, and hold a cigarette just off camera like he used to do?).

  2. Cigarette, off camera, in between takes, around the corner from the teacher.

    Hehe. Nah.. I actually started to smoke around 10th grade. Damn things… I actually miss it.

    I do have that raised eyebrow thing going though 🙂

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