Long whispered, now in the open?

Ever wonder why we haven’t captured Bin Laden yet? Well according to ABCNews Pakistan has given Bin Laden a free pass. As Will Bunch notes, our policy with Pakistan has long seemed to be one of looking the other way.

I’ve long thought that this was the case and talked of it in conversation with friends and family. Wouldn’t dare post it online because it comes close to conspiracy talk and I don’t fancy myself as some kind of expert or pundit. But now it looks like this is seeing daylight.

Democrats should increase the call for answers as to why Bin Laden hasn’t been captured or killed yet. Or why those that *currently* harbor his organization have not been touched.

Watch close over the next few days folks. Either this blows up into a political storm, and Bin Laden is finally – finally – taken out. Or the reality of it will get twisted and turned in the news, and it will get downed out, in the ceaseless din of our media-rich days.

Kinda like so many other forgotten stories.