“This IS the news”

There is a classic moment in Megadeth’s “Peace Sells” video, where a shirt and tie wearing parent storms into the living room and chastises his son, “What is this garbage you’re watching? I want to watch the news!”, to which the teen replies, “This IS the news”.

The dad these days would be a whole lot hipper looking and would have caught his son blogging to be sure.

Watch it all the way thru and get over your elitist musical sensibilities for once (you know who you are). The imagery, the lyrics, the terror and power could all be ripped from today’s headlines.

This follows earlier music video posts by Duncan and Susie, related to today’s world’s madness.

One thought on ““This IS the news”

  1. Dude I’d never give you grief over Megadeth. They were one of the few bands that the punks and the metalheads could agree on @ high school parties. Now, Queensryche.. THAT I will give you grief over 🙂

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