Polices? A potential party platform

Read Atrios’s “We’re the Decider”. I think it lists what a consensus of the “liberal netroots” believes in admirably, and by the looks of it, that includes me. Let me add however one thing:

Bring focus to the war on terror – bring to justice those that attacked us on 9/11. Now.

The longer they are on the loose, the worst we look and the more unstable the world. It is rediculous that five years down the line we are still getting video tapes by this gang. It is a sign of just how incompetent and unfocussed this Administration has been.

It’s also a sign of how far too many put loyalty to party above what is important to the country. The G.O.P. the party of national security? After these past five years of a consolidated one party rule in Washington – do you feel safer? Really? What is it you smoking then?