Vaccinations make it a scary night

Emma got three vaccination shots yesterday. I wasn’t at the doctor’s, I was at work at the time, but I believe Richelle when she tells me I would have cried at seeing Emma in the pain she was in. I felt like crying seeing her in pain when I got home. I feel guilty for not being there. For the next round I definitely will be.

She was very, very uncomfortable last night. While she didn’t display any of the symptoms of a vaccination gone wrong (talk to your doctor before giving your baby a vaccination – be aware), the pain she was in was still scary. When she screamed, which would happen in these short frightening bursts, it would rip right into you and vibrate there. Some Tylenol (on doctor’s advice) and lots of TLC went a long ways. Emma so far this morning seems herself.

3 thoughts on “Vaccinations make it a scary night

  1. how’d you come to the decision to go through with the vaccinations? or did you pick and choose certain ones? i’ve heard lots of crazy things about vaccinations.

  2. she wont remember dude, but I am digging the Tylenol reco. Remember that I can get Infant’s Tylenol/Motrin any J&J baby product for next to nothing. Say the word and it’s yours.

    I am in the process of finding a new house so sorry I haven’t called about the baby yet.


  3. Don’t worry about the Tylenol man. She’s great now šŸ™‚ It will be good to hear from you Cash. Going to be barbecue season soon šŸ™‚

    Albert, it was a very scary decision. Answering your question would take a far longger post, but it came down to this –

    We’re going to face a number of decisions in our lives where we are forced to make a decision on exposing Emma to risk. From things as seemingly benign as her going to school, to encouraging her to play with others on the block. We came to the inclusion that the odds were more in her favor to do this now. We followed the doctor’s recommendations as to what vaccinations Emma should get and on what schedule, after doing some research of our own to conclude they were pretty typical.

    We were especially concerned about SIDS because of what happened to Hunter.

    This CDC article helped:

    Today she is herself in every way and we’re thankful.

    However, it’s all one big galactic guessing game and it putts knots in your gut.

    I wouldn’t recommend following how we made a decision here – it’s a personal one.

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