“life is meaningless, we must bring meaning to life” – live

Dave Rogers: Balance:

…here’s the thing, I kind of knew all this stuff before, it didn’t really matter, did it? I think you could reasonably say I believed it, don’t you think? I didn’t disbelieve it. But it didn’t matter, because even though I knew it and believed it, I still couldn’t do the pose. If we say something doesn’t matter, that’s another way of saying it’s meaningless, is it not? Look at a fixed point, focus on your center, that’s just information. Believe it, disbelieve it, it’s just information. It only mattered when I did it. It only mattered when I lived it.

Think about that when I say that life is meaningless, we must bring meaning to life.

Then think about that when you read things like “the market for something to believe in is infinite.” Think about that information. In order for that to matter, in order for it to have meaning, someone has to live that information. Someone has to sell something to believe in, to someone. There are a couple of problems with that. First, there are many good things to believe in that are perfectly free. One might even say that “the best things in life are free.” So someone selling something to believe in has to overcome that hurdle, and I don’t think there’s an honest way to do that. Second, I’ve just tried to show that “something to believe in” remains something meaningless, until someone lives it. Until someone brings it to life. Meaning is a living thing.

It’s not the lack of things to believe in that is the source of the feeling of emptiness in many people’s lives. It’s the lack of living. And who can sell you that?