Congrats to Seth Finkelstein

Seth posted his 1000th today and really should be among the blogs you subscribe to if you want to open your mind about the web, blogging, the DMCA, and more.

4 thoughts on “Congrats to Seth Finkelstein

  1. Thanks again Karl.

    Note, sadly, however, there have been exactly *TWO* referred hits from your post. Those are your numbers. Without the approval of the (relevant) A-list, or some sort of other celebrity, I’m just not going to have much of a readership :-(.

  2. Ah, the “One Reader” argument in action 🙂

    [“One Reader” argument == some people say that if they have one reader, just a single reader in the whole wide world, then they will be happy. And other people (like me) are not satisified with that outcome.]

  3. Yeah, yeah, that’s it!

    It’s my ‘artistic integrity’ dammit.

    In otherwords – I’m boring as hell to most folks 🙂

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