See no evil

USAToday took a risk on a subject that no one wants to touch with a twenty foot pole. So why have so few followed up on their reporting that we’re in for voting machine trouble this year?

Did you know that there was a final push going on for a bill to support voter-verified permanent paper records? Me neither. See Daily Kos. Bill details here. Get informed. Get involved.

Speaking of underreported, only a few bloggers (catch them on TailRank) mentioned when Bush signed the Patriot Act reauthorization, he quietly signed a statement exempting himself from it! The press has been notably silent except for an op-ed here and there. The Right leaning blogosphere, who you would think would be ideologically opposed to the increasing concentration of power in the Executive branch of the Federal government – well they are entirely mute.

I know uncomfortable news like this doesn’t get the clicks like Britney Spears, but common.

Oh, and check out WeSmirch. You folks who think that intelligent aggregators can’t compete in markets other then tech and politics will be in for an eye opener.

Wikipedia: Three wise monkeys