Can’t believe I wrote that last post

Some people just take themselves waaayyy too seriously and don’t know how to chill out and be tolerant and accepting of others.

I mean, some things are important, and some things just aren’t ya know?

4 thoughts on “Can’t believe I wrote that last post

  1. Hehehe 🙂

    Hey… I’ve not been the one throwing around weird accusations ya know.

    But I think that’s probably part of the territory and something to learn to deal with.

    There are so many bigger things in life to concern yourself with.

  2. Hi Shelley, I wish I had a wild party with those kinda acusations! Nah, this was something far more mundane and just stupid. If it was something really legit and concerning, I would have posted links and more information. It’s just silly kid stuff.

    Life is, indeed, too fun to be short!

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