Anyone want to sponsor Philly Future’s hosting?

Philly Future may have outgrown its hosting for the second time in six months. Now it is going to incur a far greater financial commitment from me. Dreamhost’s support has been fantastic, they have been very patient with us, but I know they cannot continue to host us with the continuous CPU warnings we get from them.

Here goes the stats for the 29th.. a relatively slow day I think:

13,350 total page requests, 349.79 MB of bandwidth, doing 7246 database connects, doing 607,236 MySQL queries. That comes to about 45 queries per request. Believe it or not – that’s about right for site with features like PF’s. The database stats are still troubling. The math shows that Drupal’s caching isn’t operating as it should. I think I’ve figured out the cause, and may have a fix (yes – this is what I’ve been doing during my holiday), but that doesn’t eliminate the traffic/bandwidth/cpu demands. They are unacceptable to all shared hosting providers I’ve contacted – so it’s time to go dedicated.

Anyone out there want to sponsor our hosting? You’ll be helping us continue to provide a service to our community. 1 & 1’s Managed Server II package sounds about right for what we need.

Whomever decides to step up – we will be in your debt and will make sure to mention you promenently on the site for as long as the sponsorship is in effect.

Contact me at kmartino at pobox dot com if interested.

2 thoughts on “Anyone want to sponsor Philly Future’s hosting?

  1. Karl,

    I could sponsor a month, but I don’t know if you want to break it up into units like that. On the other hand it might be easier to find 12 small sponsors than one big one.

  2. 12 small sponsors versus a few or one large one – we could use the help of either or both. Thanks Julie for the month 🙂 Maybe you can do it in the name of another organization? Email me and we’ll talk about it.

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