A new stripped down look

Kinda ugly… but will do for now. I’ve incorpoated my quotes widget into my header. Let me know what you think.

5 thoughts on “A new stripped down look

  1. Thanks 🙂

    Troy, I took paradox1x.org because paradox.org was taken. That’s pretty much it.

    Paradox for Windows, ages ago, was my introduction to database and software development.

    There’s that and the fascination with the idea of paradoxes. How, when contemplated, they can open your mind up.

    I’ve debated dumping the domain – I own karlmartino.org… but that would be less fun.

  2. I remember Paradox. I was a PC/LAN Support guy in the early 90’s. Our asset management system was a stack of boot diskettes and a Paradox database.

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