A party day in Philly

Hang out with fellow bloggers and make new friends at this month’s regional blogger meetup. We’ve changed location – Nodding Head treated folks rudely – so your loss Nodding Head. This one looks to be the biggest yet.

Afterwards you can get together with the folks from Young Philly Politics to celebrate their birthday. Congrats YPP!

PhillyCrime.org now covers the entire city, but needs your help.

And I’ve collected a small round up of OSM reactions across the web here. I’m honestly disgusted. These folks are people that supposedly claim they “get the web” and the media looks to them more and more for a window into what we do. Indeed, many are highly influential. It’s obvious they don’t. Or maybe the truth is – they do – and they fully intend to take advantage of it.

2 thoughts on “A party day in Philly

  1. Told ya they were rude to me the last time I was there! Fergies is a much cooler spot.

    I’d come out and bring it but I have an event today.

    Battle Of The Network Blogs

    Come visit if you get the chance!

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