Unfairly flagged as spammer by Google

I was afraid of this: Edward Biolodeau:

…I’m abandoning my Blogger blog after anti-spam features Google added this morning flagged me as a spammer, destroyed data from two posts, and made it impossible for me to post.

I was going to write more about this, but its a waste of time. The bottom line is that Google treated me like crap, and there is no reason for me to put up with that kind of service, or lack thereof. The fact that there is no way to contact a human via the Blogger site speaks volumes as to what Google thinks of their users.

So, I’m closing the chapter on Blogger. The podcasts will probably resume at some point, but they’ll just be interspersed along with the other posts. Hopefully this won’t inconvienience anyone.

via dangerousmeta

Previously, Philly Future inappropriately was blacklisted by Google. I am digging up the info as to how it was resolved.