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September’s Philly Blogger Meetup was another success. Lots of new faces. Wish I could have been there. I’m looking forward to October’s.

The Eagles had a hell of a fight on Sunday, but they pulled it thru.

The FBI’s War on Porn has struck its first well known site: the Goth haven Suicide Girls has been forced to take down a number of photo sets. They urge donations to the EFF.

Thousands of people fill Washington’s streets to protest the Iraq war, and nary a mention in broadcast news. More at Brad Blog.

Memorandum continues to win me over. It really is the Google News of blog produced content and conversations.

It looks like the music labels want to put the squeeze on Apple – they want a cut of iPod sales!

There is a new hosted blogging solution on the horizon at Six Apart, so far called Project Comet. Mena Trott says: People are always saying that they want to make a product that’s “easy enough for their mom to use.â€? Well, we want to do something more. My mom knows how to use a computer so it’s not just about ease of use: I want to make a product that my mom actually wants (emphasis mine – Karl) to use.

Dan Gillmor speaks about the NYTimes Anti-Columnist Pay-Wall: By rendering the publication’s most interesting assets invisible on the Web — if I were a Times columnist I would be furious — the paper is reducing its authority in the real world in an understandable effort to show better numbers for the online operation.

Dan was formerly a columnist at the San Jose Mercury News, and a former Knight Ridder coworker of mine – the corporation continues the bloodletting that started last week as it announces plans to shrink the Merc newsroom by 52 jobs.

Rumor: MTV & Warner Prepping For “Big Announcment” This Morning (

Speaking of Time Warner: CNet: It’s Not TV, it’s Yahoo: Is Terry Semel, Yahoo’s chief executive and the former co-head of Warner Brothers, trying to turn Yahoo into the interactive studio of the future? The short answer is yes, but Semel’s ambitions are far bigger and more complex than that. He wants Yahoo to be seen as more akin to Warner’s parent, Time Warner, which mixes content like Warner and CNN with distribution, like its cable systems. Yahoo is both of those and a lot of software, too.

Speaking of video at Yahoo!, have you checked out Google Video? They are using Flash video! A fun example vid going around is Bill Gate’s Coke commercial.

More on GoogleNet – Google’s broadband WiFi plans – can be found here.

Speaking of video search, Truveo looks very interesting. Check out a recent article in MIT’s Technology Review.

Watch Battlestar Galactica? No? Shame on you man. Anyway Shelley Powers checks in with a review of Friday night’s season finale. One of the best episodes to any show I have ever watched. And at times wanted to turn away from.

Matt Raible is evaluating open source CMS solutions: see part 1 and part 2 so far.

Roland Tanglao has put up a mp3 of his Remixing RSS presentation he gave at a recent conference in Vancouver.

Web 2.0 is already here. Has been for some time actually. Time to get over the hype curve, recognize the reality – the mashup web is flat out awesome and here.

In what kind of world is ‘dumping’ of homeless and mentally ill into a part of town, to fend for themselves, acceptable?

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  1. Karl Wrote: – The FBI’s War on Porn has struck its first well known site: the Goth haven Suicide Girls has been forced to take down a number of photo sets. They urge donations to the EFF

    You have got to be fucking kidding me right?

    I posted on that story last week. I didn’t think they’d be hammering down on people this quick.

    Just have to watch what you post I guess.

    Doesn’t the FBI have anything better to do?

    Bye free speech.


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