Morning tech/web/citizen journalism bits

Dan Gillmor rips Google for its hubris in putting together an event for 400 special guests to be ‘off the record’ – including to invited journalists and bloggers. More from Doc Searls and Dave Winer.

A lot of folks have started to point to Truth Laid Bare blogger driven anti-pork campaign. The funny thing is Citizens Against Government Waste has been around for a long, long time and this looks to simply duplicate the effort of a non-partisan non-profit.

You can now get your My Yahoo! subscriptions as OPML. About time 🙂

GoogleRumors: “Google will soon launch a security tool for WiFi users, perhaps as a precurser to GoogleNet.” More from Jeremy Zawodny and Inside Google.

I haven’t read this yet, but plan to: Global PR Blog Week: “Adding Blogs to an Existing Non-Profit Community”.