Two at Ask Metafilter

Ask Metafitler: Desktop video capture:

What’s the best program to use for capturing video from the desktop? Say, if I wanted to provide a visual tutorial in Photoshop that I could save as a video.

Wink sounds cool.

Ask Metafilter: Independence or stability?:

What’s the best way to finance a small business? Or should I, at this junction?

I’m looking at the possibilities of financing a business. I have a pretty clear idea of the business concept, and a fair idea of the business potential. However, my debt-to-investments ratio is just about 1:1, and both numbers are not terribly high. The business wouldn’t, in and of itself, cost a whole lot to start up but I’d have to support myself and my family (wife, with an upcoming child) while it got going. The debts I have will be paid off within 1 year. The opportunity I see in the business could be taken over by someone else within that timeframe.

What questions should I be asking myself in order to gauge my financial ability to start this business? Or, with a child coming up, should I just stay at my current job (which is fairly stable, if not possessing any expansion capability whatsoever) until debts are paid off and kid is born?