The new journalism at Live 8 Philly

Howard has shared news that Albert Yee has been credentialed with a press pass and will be blogging for Philly Future on Saturday! We are honored to have his terrific writing and photography on board.

We are taking a huge step Saturday and are taking a distributed approach to covering Live 8. Not only will Albert be posting to Philly Future, but he will be posting photos to his Flickr account, many of which we will highlight from its RSS feed.

In addition, our own Philly Future Philadelphia Live8 page will be pulling in Technorati’s “Live8 Philly” tagged posts and other “Live8” tagged photos from Flickr.

Highlights, as chosen by our editors, and new posts written directly for Philly Future by our site’s community, will be seen throughout the day.

Please read my post on this and Live 8 as a whole at Philly Future and share your feedback. And make sure to read Albert’s initial thoughts as he is about to take an adventure – covering the news as it happens.