Did You Know?

The House OKed a Flag Burning Ban Amendment?

That the Supreme Court ruled: Your house can be taken against your will – legally?

That Cable Companies don’t need to share their lines? (hey – unlike the telcos – from what I understand cable put these up without subsidies – but don’t listen to me – I work for a cable company).

That p2p companies that induce copyright infringement are breaking the law? (this sounds bad but maybe it’s not)

And that religious displays in certain contexts on government ground are illegal?

Neither did I without reading it on the web.

For some different views and thoughts on these matters, read Dan Gillmor.

One thought on “Did You Know?

  1. I was never a Boy Scout, but I sure as hell know that the proper _official_ way to dispose of a less than perfect American flag is to burn it.

    And how many flag burnings do we see here stateside? Most of the flag burning goes on overseas, where a US Amendment would not be something they care about violating. Just another ploy to get some Dems out there to not vote for a frivolous amendment and then later call them treasonists or something equally false.

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