Memorial Day in Philly: Not just another cookout

Read Howard’s post at Philly Future.

Thank you to all the soldiers and their families who have sacrificed so much to secure what me and so many of the rest of us take for granted – our freedom.

It occurs to me that the greatest way to honor that sacrifice is to use our freedom to the fullest: Have you made a life altering choice in the past year? Have you voted in the past two? Do you read the news to stay informed (this one is easy considering my readership!)? Do you take part in debate over the course of the country, of your town?

2 thoughts on “Memorial Day in Philly: Not just another cookout

  1. Karl, You said to email you regarding your comment at my blog. I cannot find an address for you here or at the Future. Please email me, so I can reply.

    Thank you.

  2. Jessika – the email I asked you to email us at is “phillyfuture at pobox dot com”. Replace the at with the @ symbol and the dot with the “.” symbol.


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